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Effective Counter Move

The reverse pivot off-the-catch at the wing can be an effective counter move to a defender closing out in a hurry. Having the flexibility of countering the counter is what separates the good from the great. Mix these options in your repertoire. Remember to stay low into the reverse pivot to spin quickly and accelerate […]

Getting Better Is A Process

Getting better is a process, and Lady J isn’t shying away. Here she’s working on front cross jab step, double cross, left right pull up. Don’t forget the catch pump fake, two escape dribble, pull up on the side. She was grubbin! Better put something on the pot or soon she’ll be cooking you! A video […]

Genesis New Facility Grand Opening

The Genesis Hoops new facility, The Genesis Courthouse, Grand Opening in December 2015 was an awesome event and  huge success!  Players came from all over the Inland Empire to get a taste of some of the best basketball training and technology around.  Players worked out in shooting drills, skill challenges, and had a chance to […]