Weekly Skills Training Classes designed for greatness!



“You need to be part of Genesis Hoops because of the discipline, the care, the tenacity, and the passion given and embedded into this program.  I recommend it because it is effective, it’s professional, it works, and it works the athlete!  There are great results seen in my daughter’s skills sets.”

Mrs. RuffinParent

“Since (my son) has been coming to Genesis Hoops, he has definitely built his skills- his speed, his agility, his shooting… He now dominates when he has his seasons every year! ”

Mrs. BellParent

“I would highly recommend Genesis Hoops to all kids looking to learn the game the right way and develop in their skill level… Players learn how to be motivated.. I love how Genesis teaches players about being great- not just on the court but in life- in their scholastic achievements as well, which helps the kids become very well rounded.”

Dr. BarnesParent

“Genesis has taught me that leadership is a key part in life- no matter where you go, who you are plays a big part in your successfulness and development as well.”

A. KellyHigh School Player

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