Training for Combat

Training for basketball combat means understanding how to use your entire body (hands, arms, hips, legs, feet and of course that thing between your ears) to create advantages. Sometimes it’s properly using the contact you create and other times it’s using the contact others create against them. See here how @jalapenoxavier_ starts off working on ball protection and reaction with off hand, then flows into using pivot to create space and a driving angle when under pressure (notice how without hooking, he’s able to wall off defender with off hand). Once he’s by his opponent, now it’s time to lock him out of the play and control him with a few reverse dribbles (must keep ball low and anticipate the reach in). This is a very effective way for ball handlers to increase the amount of open space they have in the lane to make reads and take advantage of numbers after they’ve effectively taken one defensive player out of the play. At the end of it all you gotta be able to finish through a foul. That’s how you prepare of battle. Are you combat ready? TAG A HOOPER who loves to add contact and physicality in their training. #genesishoops #begreat #ballislife #combatready

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