Perfecting PG Skills for Nationally Ranked 7th Grader

Malik Thomas is one of the fiercest 7th grader basketball players you’ll ever see. Standing at 6’2 with grown man aggressiveness and physicality, he’s been toted as the number four ranked 7th grader in the Nation in recent standings. (See below for more details about his National ranking or check out this article: What’s even more impressive is his work ethic and commitment to improvement. As an obviously bigger player, he’s become comfortable playing positions 3-5, but now that he’s getting closer to High School age, he’s dedicating himself to evolving his game to be proficient at the guard positions as well. In this clip, you’ll get a snippet into his latest Genesis Hoops workout focusing on setting up and scoring off the pick and roll. Notice the varied initial attack moves as well as finishes. There no doubt that Malik is setting his course to BE GREAT!

Malik 1 Malik