November 19,20,  2017, – Temecula, 9am-3pm


Shooting Mechanics

Elite Ball Handling Drills

Attack Moves Against Defenders

High Level Footwork

Core Strength Exercises

Development of Basketball IQ

Daily Competitions & Prizes

Monday – Shooting Form
Players will focus on the mechanics of proper shooting form, and begin developing the proper habits needed to have a consistent shot.  Drills will incorporate use of “The Gun” shooting machines, shooting off the catch, shooting off the dribble, and shooting contested shots.

Tuesday – Ball Handling and Player Control
Players will be challenged with advanced ball handling drills, and will focus specifically on knowing when and how those drills can be effective in a game situation.  Emphasis will be placed on playing under control especially against defensive pressure.


Rancho Sports Center

28780 Single Oak Dr.

Temecula, CA


One Full Day- $55


Three Full Days- $145


Don’t miss this incredible camp!

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Genesis Hoops offers various camps for all ages and levels.  Camps are designed to last for several hours/days and focus on offensive and defensive skills and strategies.  Players will rotate between stations focusing on specific skill areas, and will spend time learning, perfecting, and applying the skill from each station.  Players will also spend time in game situation match ups, allowing them to begin using and implementing the skills they have learned/perfected from the station skills training.